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The Chateau Part 1: The Arrival

I fell in love with The Chateau 6 months ago on the Landmark Trust website. I knew straight a way that I had to treat myself to a weekend away here. Who wouldn't want to escape to a tiny little chateau perched on a hill in the middle of nowhere?!?

We packed our wellies, wine and enough food to see us through the weekend and headed up to Lincolnshire to explore and recharge our batteries after a hectic few weeks in London.

On entering we were blown away, it was beautiful. It immediately felt like a home away from home, which I'm sure is just what the Landmark Trust intended!

The housekeeper who we had spoken to earlier in the week had left a tea tray on the dining table and milk in the fridge for our first rejuvenating cup of tea on arrival. Of course, being a boy, Alex's priority was to head straight upstairs and light a fire in the living room, whilst I explored the kitchen, working out where everything was to get a shepherds pie on the go and glass of wine poured.

The kitchen was stocked with everything we could possibly need and the prettiest blue and white crockery. It felt like every small detail had been considered.

Downstairs we had the all essentials, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, shower room and a small dressing area, it's purpose would become apparent after assessing the size of the small but perfectly formed bedroom upstairs.

A walk up the beautifully simple wooden staircase takes you to the first floor, where for the second time that evening, I was absolutely blown away. Stepping through the double doors from the stairwell to the living room I found myself asking, can this really be ours for the next 3 days? It was stunning, as if you had been transported back in time back to an Austen novel. So simple yet grand.

Gorgeous duck egg blue walls, wide oak floor boards, walls adorned with portraits and prints reminiscent of the era when this tiny Chateau was first built, and the most comfortable sofa I think I have ever sat on! Perfect for spending our evenings sipping wine and watching the logs crackle on the fire.

On the left hand side of the room was a grand marble fire place, which after reading the history pack provided, we found was the original fireplace commissioned when the Chateau was originally built back in 1747. The Chateau needed extensive repairs, so much of what you see today is the work of the Landmark Trust. Thank God the rescued this beautiful building!

After a few hours of taking in the glory that surrounded us, devouring homemade shepherds pie and dozing in front of the roaring fire that Alex so proudly made, we called it a night and stumbled only the few steps needed to collapse in to bed.

Waking up on Saturday morning was the most magical feeling. The living room still smelt of the fire which had slowly burnt out over night and on opening the shutters the room was flooded with the warm morning sun.

It wasn't until we opened the shutters that we realised how stunning the surrounding parkland was and could truly take in how much of a treat the weekend ahead would be. To the back of the chateau the woods were carpeted by delicate snowdrops, and to the front, green fields as far as the eye could see.

After a hearty fried breakfast (well we were on holiday after all), we pulled on our boots and started out on our next adventure for the day. We were off down to Belton House for a snout about and cream tea!

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days. I will be sharing the rest of our mini break "up north" with you!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday



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