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An Education On The Easter Twig

Anyone who knows me in the slightest, knows that I am obsessed with Christmas… especially Christmas trees.

So it’s no surprise that when my mother introduced us to the concept of the ‘Easter Twig’ I grabbed it with both arms and fully embraced it.

It’s something I’ve done from a young age, so I find it bizarre when people stare at me in bewilderment when I try explain to them just how much I love a good Eater Twig.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Your favourite vase

Several well-chosen/ interesting looking twigs

Plenty of Easter themed decorations to adorn your twig

The most important part of the Easter Twig is finding the perfect twigs. On Sunday we took ourselves off to Richmond Park to search for those special chosen few. I like funny shaped ones where the decorations can hang out away from the vase. After much searching ... Hoorah! She’s a beauty! You’re going to want a few twigs, enough to fill your vase.

Once you’re home from your scavenger hunt, arrange your twigs together in your vase. There’s no particular science to this, just plonk then in, give them a shuffle and away you go.

This is the fun bit. Decorate your twig with whatever Easter themed decorations you can find. I tend to go for quite a natural look with feather covered eggs, little wooden rabbits and glass eggs painted with pretty flowers. All bought last year from John Lewis. They have a great selection of Easter bits and bobs. Worth checking out if you like a good seasonal decoration. This year I have a few new additions from Lilly’s Country Classics, 6 gorgeous delicate glass hearts filled with partridge feathers and tied with velvet ribbon. They look perfect!

Once you’ve decorated your twigs and filled a few bowls of yummy mini eggs, you’re going to want to give this masterpiece pride of place in your home. Mine will be sitting bang smack in the middle of my farmhouse table for everyone to enjoy over the next few weeks .

The Easter Twig is seriously so simple I really don’t see a reason not to give it a go. It's basically just twigs in a vase… You don’t need a qualification in floristry to make this look awesome!

Happy Easter!



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