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Brand Of The Month: Stanley & Maud

I am so excited about introducing you to my October Brand of the Month Stanley & Maud. A beautifully simple and unique British jewellery brand based in Suffolk.

I stumbled across the brand at the beginning of the year when I was in one of those Instagram vortexes, where you start off looking at pretty doors in the Cotswolds and within 5 minutes you’re suddenly watching a mesmerising cake decorating clip. I think you all know what I mean, you don’t know how you got there but you did.

I never normally go searching for jewellery brands, as I don’t tend to wear too much, and the bits I’m wearing at the moment are all gifts from Alex. There was just something about Stanley & Maud which made it irresistible to me, partly because it's so mesmerising to watch Founder Dotty working away on her Instagram stories. You get a real sense of who she is and can see the love that goes in to creating each piece. Secondly, I love simple, fuss free jewellery, this is exactly what she creates. Gorgeous everyday necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings which can be worn without having to think too much about your outfit that particular day.

After months of following Dotty on Instagram and watching her stories, I finally decided it was time to treat myself. Making my mind up on which piece I wanted was so difficult... so difficult that I couldn’t pick just one thing. I settled for the Aluminium Bangle with the phrase 'Perfectly Imperfect' embossed in to it and the Sterling Silver Midi Disc Necklace with the phrase 'Dare to Dream'. That’s another thing which makes me love Dotty’s collection so much, lots of the pieces can be personalised with a phrase, name or symbols, making each piece completely unique.

I have worn the midi necklace almost every day since I got it. It’s a really simple piece which goes perfectly with just a cosy jumper or breton top and jeans, but it also looks fab for the office with a little silk blouse and skirt/trousers. What I also like about these necklaces, is the different options for chain length which means I can slowly collect a few, and mix and match to create a more layered look.

Buying my first piece from the Stanley & Maud collection has started what I think might be a bit of addiction…Although my purse isn’t too worried about this as Dotty’s pieces are very affordable!

Having just released the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, I have a few pieces in particular that I am most definitely lusting over. The Gold/Silver mini Set Star necklace is definitely a necessity in my life, as well as the Silver stone necklace. I’m also loving the design your own liberty Fabric wrap bracelet, where you can choose from several fabrics and charms.

The ability to personalise so many of her pieces means that these are perfect gifts for loved ones or treat for yourself. I’d get in as quickly as possible with your orders though, due to a change in location Dotty will be closing earlier than usual for Christmas.

I caught up with Dotty to find out a little more about the Stanley & Maud story. Why not have a read below!

Where did it all start?

I’ve always been creative and often dabbled in new craft hobbies here and there but nothing ever stuck, I love jewellery and always pecked at my husband for more! he told me “I had enough” and obviously I wasn’t happy to hear that so I decided to start designing my own and I officially opened Stanley and Maud in January 2015, I had my son in the September before so I was on maternity leave from my full-time job as an events coordinator, I was told there was a highly likely chance of being made redundant upon my return so I took the business full-time in Summer 2015.

Who has been your biggest influence?

Oh goodness I have so many, my instagram is full of strong women who inspire me daily to make my business work.

What's your favourite product and why?

Obviously I love everything I make but I have a real soft spot for the Midi and Maxi silver bangles…they can be personalised with anything and I have a stack of them! I have lyrics from my wedding song, quotes about strength and inside messages from children so no matter where I am I have my family with me.

Your favourite moment in the Stanley & Maud story so far?

I am so so grateful for everything but seeing my designs in the pages of magazines including Tatler just make me so proud. Also my designs have recently been worn by Candice Brown (winner of GBBO 2016) and she even wore her personalised Bee necklace on the front cover of her cookbook I was completely overwhelmed and all of these moments take pride of place in my workspace.

If you had to pick a motto for your company what would it be?

I only source materials from within the UK as it’s so important to me to create British designs and support our economy instead of shopping for cheaper materials overseas. I always use the hashtag #proudofourvalues as Stanley and Maud is more than just providing something. I want customers to know that thought and care has gone into every piece and by them supporting my business they’re supporting my values and supporting my family.

So, if you're a fan of beautifully crafted jewellery and keen to support small British business's then head over to Stanley & Maud's website and have a look.

Have a lovely week!



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