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Highborn & Harwicke

Instagram is a wonderous thing isn't it!

A few weeks ago I was mindlessly browsing instagram when I stumbled across a new brand, Highborn & Harwicke. What really drew me to them was the fact that they are based just a few villages away for my family home back in Suffolk, I immediately wanted to find out more and do whatever I could to help promote them.

Their debut collection consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts and caps all in monochrome tones. They've managed to combine simple style with effortless minimalist design and I absolutely love it!

I was lucky enough to be gifted the Highborn & Harwicke Iken T- Shirt and oh my goodness I am totally blown away by the quality. It's made from the softest fairtrade organic carbon neutral cotton and as soon as I pulled it on I was converted. In fact, I even ran downstairs gushing about it to Alex, he seemed slightly bemused by my huge grin from a simple white T-shirt.

I kept it simple, paring my Iken T-shirt with dark blue high waisted trousers and a pair of Orca Bay deck shoes. Perfectly comfortable for a weekend road trip and afternoon wander round the woods.

Lets get an insight in to the brand from Founder Gabriella

1.Where did it all start?

We’ve been playing around with the idea of starting the brand for years, until last year we decided to really go for it! We love country clothing brands but wanted to develop something with a different approach, taking the classic inspirations of country wear forward into a more modern approach. We love both minimalist and monochrome design and wanted to bring those influences in to create a much more stylised brand. We wanted to make sure as much as possible was unisex and organic, and we are striving to ensure in the future we can be even more environmentally and socially positive.

2.Who has been your biggest influence?

My daughter and my sister! Having my daughter pushed me to really pursue the dream.

3.What's your favourite piece and why?

Out of the current collection I love the white Oxford sweatshirt, as it reminds me of my sister. We have some pretty exciting new items coming soon though!

4.Your favourite moment in the Highborn & Harwicke story so far?

We are so new that we are only really at the beginning of our story but that very first sale was a pretty special feeling. Developing all the new products and planning our future is so exciting also.

5.When you aren’t working on the development of Highborn & Harwicke, what do you get up to?

Looking after my darling daughter!

6.Whats next for the brand?

We are working on some very exciting things, we have 3-4 new items due by the end of the summer then another group of garments ready before winter kicks in. We are also working on an amazing collaboration with some friends at a beautiful Italian vineyard to celebrate their harvest in late August.

7.If you had to pick a motto for your company what would it be?

Country Style meets modern minimalism.

Now go an show this exciting new brand some love and give them a follow on instagram here

Have a wonderful day



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