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Burghley Horse Trials 2018 - What I'm Wearing

I want to tell you about my experience at Burghley Horse Trials last year and how that is driving my wardrobe choices this year. My general thoughts are that comfort is key! Last year was a scorcher and I spent most of my day feeling uncomfortable, too hot, with sore feet and having to cary my jacket, not an ideal combination when I was already stressing out about doing my first ever Instagram takeover for Hicks and Brown!

So here's my rundown of what I'm thinking I'll wear and why.


You're going to want something comfy on your feet, there is a heck of a lot of walking. With the opportunity to walk the course and all those shops, you're going to be on your feet for most of the day. Last year I hadn't thought about the weather and had only taken my Dubarry boots... it ended up being a boiling hot day, not only were the boots overkill, they ended up making my legs all hot and sticky...not nice!

This year I will be heading up to Burghley in my Orca Bay Schooner Deck shoes because I know I can walk in them all day and I'll be popping my Le Chameau wellie boots in the car just in case it rains!


Again, I'm learning from my mistakes last year and taking layers! I wore a thick breton top and was simply too warm and there was no way of cooling down.

So this year I'm going for a light blouse (maybe like this one here or here) which I can then pull my Schoffel on top of if it gets chilly, or throw my gilet in my bag if it's another scorcher. Basically I want to be prepared for all temperature eventualities.


This is maybe the one thing I did right last year! If you're like me and happy to find a spot by course and make camp, then jeans are a good choice.


As much as last year was absolutely boiling, I'm very aware of the downpour we had over the weekend, so I'll be taking my waxed jacket with me this year. My Barbour is fairly lightweight so I'll be able to pull it over the blouse and not worry about being too hot and bothered. There's nothing worse than going to an event, it ends up raining and you have no raincoat, so I recommend throwing one in the boot of your car with your wellies just in case!


I'm all for being practical this year at Burghley, so I'm keeping it very simple with my outfit choice, making sensible decisions.

Ultimately I have allllways been an accessories kinda girl. I almost always have a scarf on, be it wool in the winter or silk in the summer. So I'll be finishing off my look with the new Equus Scarf from Evemy & Evemy

I still class myself as a newbie to Burghley. If you guys have any tips or tricks to make the most out of the day, then please do leave a comment and let me know.

Hava fab week and see you at Burghley!



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