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Brand Of The Month: Fairfax & Favor

If you aren’t sure who Fairfax & Favor are, then I’m afraid you may have been living under a rock for the last few years.

Launched in 2013 by childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker. Fairfax & Favor are one of the most well-known brands to have hit the luxury country style circuit. If you have attended any of the county shows, game fairs or horse trials etc, over the last few years then you will have most definitely stumbled across their gorgeous stand. You can spot them a mile off, there is always a great buzz around the stand, fuelled by a few glasses of bubbles and their in house magician!

What really drew me to Fairfax & Favor was the fact that they are producing designs perfectly suited to both country and city life. Every piece is understated and classic, yet also practical for day to day life. Beautiful but very usable pieces. They are another of those brands who save me from having to buy 2 wardrobes (1 for London and 1 for the countryside).

Over the last few years the brand has really grown. When I first started lusting over the Regina boots they were just one of a few stunning pieces the guys were showcasing. Now the brand has grown and has designed an extensive line of stunning footwear, covering everything from the classic Reginas, Chelsea boots, driving shoes and the latest edition which I’m dying to get my hands on… The Electra ankle boot!

It’s not all about shoes though, launching with The Windsor handbag they now have a bag for every occasion. The Pembroke in black is next on my wish list as it’s perfect for running around London, and The Salisbury Purse in Bottle Green will be replacing my current purse when it gives up the ghost.

My gorgeous Chocolate Brown Windsor bag was my first purchase from Fairfax & Favor over 2 years ago now and I absolutely adore it. I use it almost every single day and it’s never let me down, it’s a beautiful classic design that goes with just about everything I own. She’s (yes she is a she) looking almost perfect still, although I sadly lost my original chocolate tassel at a rather boozy, champagne fuelled day at Ascot last year, so I now change up the colour of the tassel dependant on the season or my outfit.

After being so impressed with The Windsor bag and needing a pair of black suede boots for a trip to New York last winter, I took the plunge and treated myself to a pair of the heeled Regina boots. I don’t have the smallest calve muscles in the world so was a little worried about the fit, however the addition of the elasticated back meant that they fit perfectly, nothing to worry about! They are the most flattering boots, I find that they really elongate my legs and look great with black tights and little dresses, and also black skinny jeans.

Something which I really admire about Fairfax & Favor is their commitment to raising money for breast cancer awareness. Last year they brought out limited edition pink boot tassels which raised an amazing £14,854. They are absolutely gorgeous and add such a feminine touch to the elegant regina boots. This year they have introduced the limited edition pink Sennowe Belt, a stunning simple suede belt with gold detailing, with 100% of profits donated to Breast Cancer Research.

Find out a little more from Felix and Marcus themselves...

Where did it all start?

Marcus and I both grew up in Norfolk and have been great friends for a very long time, and therefore decided we wanted to start a business when we were 16yrs old. In Norfolk there is a tennis tournament at Hunstanton that is a social event for 15-17 year olds. There was nothing for the younger children so we wanted to buy a bouncy castle and charge the parents. That was when we founded the name Fairfax and Favor. Luckily, we couldn’t afford to buy a bouncy castle and eventually started making shoes instead.

Who has been your biggest influence?

We have had a lot of people influencing us when developing Fairfax and Favor as a brand. However Ralph Lauren in particular we aspired to as we feel they are very good at linking lifestyle to their products.

What's your favourite product and why?

We believe the Regina is the perfect boot for both town and country, translated in Latin as queen what we think is fitting for a regal boot. The Regina has evolved to feature an elasticated panelling on the back, padded insoles and new rubber sole grip. Its stylish and always gets attention, we are extremely lucky that our customers love them so much that they promote the boot for us.

Your favourite moment in the Fairfax & Favor story so far?

The favourite moment for us was defiantly the arrival of our first 400 boots!

If you had to pick a motto for your company what would it be?

Live and Learn

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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