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The Best Brownies In Suffolk

Whenever I get approached for a collaboration I take time to think about whether it works for my blog, whether it's relevant to me and whether my readers really want to hear about it.

I can safely say that working with Cocoa May was the was the quickest decision I have made when it comes to a collaboration! At the end of the day, who the hell doesn't love a brownie, and even better, one delivered straight through your letter box... or in my case my office!

They turned up at my desk in lovely simple brown box, the whiff of chocolate alerted me to exactly of the contents straight away. I then had to hide them from my colleagues!

On opening the box (in the safety of my own home) I found two flavours of brownie, one lot of salted caramel and the other raspberry and white chocolate. They tasted just as fantastic as they look! I was a little worried that the raspberry would be a little too fruity for my liking on a brownie, but I was so wrong. Rich and indulgent in the centre with just a wisp of raspberry running through... utterly delicious.

Cocoa May is run by founder Rosie who set up her brownie business last year and continues to cook up a storm from her kitchen in Suffolk. Current flavour combinations include Hazelnut, Pistachio & Sea Salt, Raspberry & White Choc Chip, Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Smarties and the Original brownie which also happens to be gluten free. Rosie's aim to to cater for everyone without compromising on quality. The sticky date bars are vegan friendly, whilst the salted caramel brownies can be made with with or without nuts on request.

These delicious boxes of yumminess make the perfect present, but be careful the recipient doesn't have a 4 legged friend on the other side the letterbox!

Rosie was so kind asa to answer a few questions about Cocoa May and what we can expect in the future

1. Where did it all start?

I’ve always felt at my happiest cooking, even since I was really young and we used to play ready steady cook in the kitchen at home! After I graduated, I started working in recruitment in London for an awesome business and I was doing well, but something was always missing. Eventually I decided I needed to go for it, so I saved up and got myself on the ferry to Ireland where I spent three of the happiest months of my life at Ballymaloe Cookery School. I challenge anyone to go to Ballymaloe and not feel happy and inspired! Personally it made me completely determined to make my living cooking.

I worked in a restaurant in London after Ballymaloe, and ran independent catering events. This gave me a good feel for working in the food industry and Cocoa May was created last year when I decided I that I really wanted to run my own food business, focusing on creating a brand and a product which was utterly delicious and would get people excited. So far so good!

2. Who has been your biggest influence?

This is a hard one – I’ve met a lot of awesome people since I started. Darina Allen from Ballymaloe is certainly one of the most inspirational women working in food that I’ve ever met. She instills in people an understanding of how to eat seasonal and sustainable food, as well as a passion to deliver the highest quality at all times - so important!

3. Your favourite moment in the Cocoa May story so far?

My first ever Farmer’s Market - hearing people raving about what they were trying and seeing people buying your products – it’s an amazing feeling and made me realise I might have created something pretty good!

4. When you aren’t working on the development of Cocoa May what do you get up to?

I dedicate most of my time to Cocoa May at the moment, as is normal when you start your own business! But when I do take time off, it’s usually all about family and friends. My family live near Southwold so I spend as much time there as I can, or in North Norfolk with my boyfriend, enjoying time on the beach. We are off to a magical spot in the Highlands for a week in August with lots of friends which I’m so excited about!

5. If you had to pick a motto for your company what would it be?

One taste and you're hooked!

6. What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot more brownies!

I can't wait to order my next batch!

Have a wonderful Sunday



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