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#SpodeDNA - British Summer With Spode Pure Morris

I'm so excited to be telling you about one of my favourite partnerships to date!

I remember as a young girl seeing the fancy tableware that had been passed down to my parents, it was all packaged up in newspaper and kept hidden away to use for best, it felt so special whenever it was taken out and I could get a glimpse of it. It just felt so precious and a real treat to use something with such a rich history.

When Alex and I moved in together back in 2015 it was my dream for us to start our own collection of Spode. So that one day we can pass on to our children and they can pass on to theirs. There's something so lovely about passing on and sharing memories to cherish. If anything, Spode has become part of our DNA as a family.

A few months ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to be an Ambassador for Spode's #SpodeDNA campaign, it was an absolute no brainer. In fact it was pretty much a dream come true! Oh to be part of that history that I fell in love with as a young girl!

Spode was founded in 1770 by Josiah Spode I (1733-1797) in Stoke-On-Trent. He was an English potter who became famous for the introduction of blue transfer printing on to ceramics. His son Josiah Spode II later developed the formula for new English bone china. Together they redefined British pottery.

The underglaze transfer printing which Spode is credited with having developed was limited to colours which could withstand the heat of the glaze firing, of which a rich blue was a predominant colour. Today you can still see the history of this process in the Blue Italian pattern which is one of Spode's ol