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#SpodeDNA - A Very Merry Spode Christmas!

This is without a doubt my all time favourite time of year!

The tree is up, the fire is almost always on, Classic FM is playing in the background filling the house with carols and the finale of the season is the family Christmas dinner. For me, the best thing about Christmas Day is our family Christmas dinner.

I love the ritual of helping mummy get the dinner ready. Bread sauce is my speciality and somehow I always find myself left in charge of the sprouts. Then it's time to dress the table. Even though it's normally just the 5 of us, mum and I love the tradition of dressing the table, which will almost always involve a crisp white table cloth, plenty of seasonal clippings from the garden and soft candle light.

As with all my Spode posts the underlying message is my love for tradition. I love these family's traditions and why not add another layer of tradition by using one of Britain's most iconic brands. This year our family will be setting the table using the gorgeously festive green and white Ruskin house collection by Spode

I've totally fallen for this pretty mix of 3 patterns, layered on and around each other. I've gone for the large Wreath pattern dinner plate, with the Thyme pattern salad plate, which I think worth perfectly together. Then for serving dishes I went for the bolder Oak Leaf sandwich plate and serving dish, which is a great size for serving up plenty of veg.

This is just another great example of how Spode has managed to weave its way in to my life, as they say it Spode DNA.

When we chose these dishes and were ever so kindly gifted them by Spode, we only had Christmas in mind, but as soon as we opened the box we made the decision to make these our everyday plates going in to next year, I can't wait to use them properly!

Merry Christmas you lovely lot! I'd love to know your Christmas dinner traditions




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