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#SpodeDNA - The Gift List

We're hurtling through this year at break neck speed. I can't quite believe we've just hit Autumn and The Big C (Christmas) is almost in sight...almost. With that in mind I wanted to get you guys ahead of the game and pick out a few of my favourite gift pieces from Spode.

There's something so wonderful about being able to pass on, or gift a piece of Spode. With almost 250 years of heritage, to me it's like gifting a piece of history and it's certainly keeping this gloriously British brand at the forefront of the potter industry!

So here's a round up of my top 5 gift ideas.

Have you ever seen a more classically British looking vase?

No neither have!

I adore the Blue Italian pattern, and did you know that this particular Spode pattern is over 200 years old. I genuinely believe that this vase is the perfect gift for just about everyone I know. Fresh flowers in the house are such mood lifter, and gifting a beautiful vase means you can then gift gorgeous flower to fill it with throughout the rest of the year. I love how these flowers help bring a bit of Autumn inside.

One for those who enjoy a cheeky tipple every now and again. I love the look of these glasses and even more impressed by the quality. They're nice and sturdy, so you can invite your friends round for a drink without the worry of breakages! These absolutely shouldn't sit in the cupboard waiting for best.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there really isn't much better than a strong, hot cup of tea from a tea cup that feels like a treat to use. To be able gift someone something with which they can sit down and have a moment of peace is a wonderful thing. I love the Delamere Rural Tea Cups and saucers and pretty sure they would go with almost all interior styles.

A little something for the baker in your life, or perhaps just the cake lover! This cake slice feels like such a piece of treasure in the beautiful presentation box. It's the perfect addition to your tea set. Just imagine serving up a slice of Christmas cake with this cake slice, featuring a collaboration between two of Britain's most iconic brands, Spode and Morris & Co.

I love these little salt and pepper shakers, they would make such a lovely little stocking filler. Like with most of the pieces I love from Spode, the quality of these is fantastic and definitely don't need to hide away in a cupboard and kept for best.

So that's it, my favourite few bits from Spode, for you to start thinking about getting yourself sorted for Christmas. You can find all of the above over on the Spode website in their Christmas Shop. I'd hurry if I were you there's currently somr fantastic offers on!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.




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