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The Chateau Part 2: Lazy Sunday

Ready for your next instalment from The Chateau?

Grab a cuppa, take a comfy seat and enjoy!

After a full day of enjoying the sun and exploring Belton House, we headed back to our little chateau on the hill. Belton House and grounds was such a fantastic day, I'm going to have to tell you all about it separately, so keep a look out for that in the next few days.

We stocked up on coal and fire wood and just as it was getting dark arrived back at The Chateau. We got the fire roaring and settled down to an evening of bangers and mash, champagne and card games. I say card games, but the evening was mainly spent teaching Alex any two player card game I could think of. He's normally a clever cookie but rummy seemed to stump him! There was a lot of rolling on the floor laughing at his inability to grasp the rules.

For me one of the best things about the whole weekend was the lack of TV and Wi-Fi. It meant that we actually got the time to sit down and just chat about life, plan the day ahead and discuss our next Landmark Trust adventure.

After one too many glasses of bubbles it was off to bed hoping for another gloriously sunny day when we woke.

Well we woke and it was sunny, but only for about 20 mins and then the heavens opened, it bucketed it down all day. I mean literally all day! We had planned to head over to Hardwick Hall for a long wellie boot walk and a pub lunch.

In reality we spent several hours looking round the house, grabbed a quick coffee and slice of cake from the coffee shop and headed back to The Chateau. Never the less this was still a lovely lazy Sunday.

The house is mesmerising. Built in the 1590's for Bess of Hardwick, and later inhabited by the Dukes of Devonshire. If you like big old houses and are a bit of a history geek like I am, then it's well worth a visit. We would have spent longer wandering the grounds had the weather been better.

We were greeted by one of the many volunteers as we entered the great hall who suggested a route we could take whilst exploring. We walked up the long winding stone stair case to the state rooms at the top of the house, passing the most intricate tapestries, stopping to take far too many photos on the way. Alex would occasionally disappear as he attempted to find out what was behind each closed door!

After marvelling at the sheer vastness of the long gallery ( I think its one of the largest in England), we look a slow meander down through the rest of the house. Ending our tour in the kitchens.

A brisk stride back to the car via the coffee shop and we were on our way 'home'. It felt so much

like home at The Chateau.

It was almost a blessing that the weather was so bad on Sunday. It meant that we got ourselves back to The Chateau in good time to spend a lazy afternoon in front of the fire putting the world to rights.

We were so sad to be saying goodbye to our little chateau on Monday morning. We got up early so that we could maximise our time in our stunning surroundings. after a quick visit for the neighbours (4 gorgeous hens), we jumped in the car and headed back to London.

I can truly say that not only was this one of the most romantic places I have ever stayed, but it was the most relaxing weekend way I have ever had. Totally secluded from the world outside and time to focus on just chilling and recharging our batteries.

If you're a bit of a history geek like me, then the Landmark Trust holidays are really worth taking a look at. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

I'm off to book my next staycation!



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