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Lilly's Country Classics

So a week or so ago now I stumbled across the lovely Lilly of Lilly's Country Classics. She takes inspiration from "the riches and raw beauty of the British countryside" to create some beautiful accessories for the home. One product which stuck out particularly for me was the gorgeous glass hearts she sells filled with lavender, flower petals and my favouite, feathers!

Having been brought up eating the game birds that the game keeper would leave hanging at the back door, I always thought it was such a waste to throw away the beautiful feathers. So when I saw that Lilly had these lovely glass hearts full of Pheasant, Guinea Fowl and Partridge feathers, I knew I absolutely needed them in my life.

They arrived beautifully wrapped in brown paper and ribbon and I couldn't wait to open them. I opted for the 'Perfect Partridge' hearts as much of our home is painted light grey and very neutral tones, so I knew the soft blue grey and browns would work fantastically and it absolutely does! On opening the package I'm greeted by six delicate glass hearts, each hand filled with beautiful feathers and finished with a shotgun cartridge cap and velvet ribbon. I'm obsessed with velvet so this went down well with me.

Now here is where I introduce a concept that many might not be familiar with. The Easter Twig... It took a while for me to get it in to Alex's head that this is an actual thing. Growing up we always took a nice bunch of twigs from the garden and would decorate them with pretty painted eggs, little delicate birds and anything else that could vaguely be related back to Easter. As soon as I opened the box from Lily I knew that these were going to look absolutely stunning in my display of all things easter!

They are the kind of decoration that can be used all year round. They don't need to or deserve to be put away in a box and hidden until Christmas time. After the frivolities of easter are over and all the chocolate has been eaten, I will be hanging mine around the house. Most likely on the kitchen fireplace where they can be admired every day!

If you're a lover of the countryside like me, then I'm positive that you will love Lilly's designs. Head over to her Instagram page or check out her Facebook to find out more about!



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