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Curating The Coffee Table

We've had quite a few compliments on our flat since we moved to Kew. In particular the way we have styled each room. So I thought I'd start sharing with you some of my favourite bits and a few tips on how to get the look yourself.

I'm going to start with something incredibly simple but effective... the coffee table.

Most of you probably have a coffee table in your sitting room, it's so easy for them to become cluttered and just a bit messy. I know mine has been in the past! No matter how much I tidied the room, it just didn't look 'put together'. So I tried to bring a little bit of organisation in to the equation. Below are 5 pointers I try to stick by:

1. The Tray

Having the tray in the centre of the coffee table, if nothing else it helps contain chaos. It's a great base for whatever you want to display. The tray can be any size or shape you wish. I found some great options online.